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How To Reach

Club meetings are normally held on the second Friday of each month.  Contact the secretary if you would like to attend!

Add Yourself to Our Postal / Email List!

Our list is kept secure and confidential, and is not shared.

We do not SPAM - postings are limited. We mail an annual postcard to those organizations and individuals for whom we have a snailmal address, but we use electronic mail primarily and we send a brief email notice only when there's an important occasion to announce.

Add yourself to our list (you can easily leave at any time) without worrying about receiving junk because of it, and it's safe to put us on your spam filter greenlight list.

We'll need at least your NAME and an email address and/or postal address (it helps us to have both).

We welcome your suggestions, comments and inquiries.
Please get in touch with our Corresponding Secretary:

You can send
Electronic Mail to PCMC at:

PCMC can be reached by
U.S. Mail at:

corsecweb   lapcmc.com

(Type the above into your To: line)

Pacific Coast M/C
3935 Kentucky Drive
Los Angeles, CA  90068


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