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Celebrating OVER 40 YEARS at our Famous Reunion!

July 30 - August 3

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$ 60

Come join us for a 5-day Camping Weekend of
Camaraderie and Good Times!

PCMC's Summer Camping Run is once again at Black Mountain! We've reserved our regular favorite camp, high in the mountains above Idyllwild. Convenient to all of Southern California, this is a rustic site at about 7400 feet (2200m) of elevation; there's a comfy campfire and the most pleasant high-altitude summer weather. We have this beautiful, densely-wooded Private Site exclusively reserved for 5 days of the waxing, nearly Full Moon! We'll see our long-time friends there again, and new ones will get acquainted. Click Here for General Background about the run.

We now have a "pioneer-style" approach for our signature event;  B_Y_O Vittles, Drinks, Gear, Shower Bag, Hiking Boots, Good Humor and Sense of Fun. PCMC will provide your Saturday Breakfast and grill-it-yourself Prime Steak Dinner and OF COURSE host the traditional sunset celebration at Cocktail Rocks, overlooking the valleys below. At various times, other clubs have made meals, individuals presented major entrees and patron bars hosted cocktail hours with snacks. We often see unpredictable potluck dishes (spontaneous communal brunches have arisen), and there's lots of space on the excellent open-fire grills for cooking work of any size. We'll have a good supply of ice, the essential kitchen gear, and other amenities as we can manage. Water must be hauled in from a spring on the way up, so bring some jugs. Click Here for more suggestions of What To Bring.

The basic schedule is: members start setting up the essential stuff on Wednesday, and some guests come up that early to enjoy the solitude. Camp setup continues through Thursday, and activities ramp up Friday with many more guests arriving both days. By Saturday evening the troupe is complete for sunset cocktails, then dinner and entertainment. An impromptu breakfast on Sunday to use up leftovers might materialize among those who want to linger and enjoy one last morning together before leaving. The last few to leave do a final policing of the grounds. Click Here for a Calendar View of the weekend.

(Click Here for the Reservation Form)


We've always done this thing purely for fun, and not profit. The $50 fee, paid upon registration, will help defray some of the cost of campground rental, run supplies and catering. Any overage gets donated to a charity, but that hasn't happened in recent memory and we try to recoup the difference with beerbust raffles and rummage sales. The size of this event is limited and pre-registration is required. Confirmation, map and directions will be sent back promptly; registrations beyond the first 40 must be turned down. Registrations and requests for refunds must be received by the Monday before the run.

If you're on 4 wheels please let us know if you have room for a passenger (and his own gear). If we have others going by motorcycle, we'll try to organize a group ride from LA, with arrangements for members to carry some of your gear by car if needed - let us know.

Questions? Send email to:   corsec (at) lapcmc.com

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