Black Mountain Run

 and a few pictures from

  Bullet Luaus

  Pistons Dinner & Raffle

  Anniversary Party


Views from the highway

v   Esperanza Fire - Click on the panorama below for a full-screen view at the edge of the burn:   v
The Esperanza fire was stopped less than 4 miles from Black Mountain. Click here for a full-page view of this panorama.

4-frame panorama
Friday potluck lunch
Andy's serving coconut shrimp. David's cooking potstickers.
PCMC's traditional cocktail sign, preserved since the 70's.
v  Click on the panorama below for a full-screen view:  v Click on this image for a full-height view of this 8-frame panorama.
Lunch snacks in the field kitchen
Where the joy of cooking is greatest
Cocktail Rocks
Cocktail Rocks Sunset
Dinnertime! Cooking the steaks.


AMFAR acknowledges PCMC's fundraising efforts.

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